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Nature Trade Direct LLC - Leading-edge Direct Response agency since 1989.

Comprehensive Services for All Channels

  • Nature Trade Direct is a full-service, integrated direct response marketing agency with 21 years of experience in Direct mail, TV, Internet, print and radio direct response marketing campaigns. Our proven high-performance models optimize your marketing ROI

Trust NTD to ensure your next direct response success.

  • Fulfillment Consulting
  • Telemarketing
  • Creative design
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Direct mail
  • TV-Short/ Long form
  • Website design
  • Web Programming
  • SEO
  • Email campaigns
  • Customer service
  • Script development
  • Premiums
  • Campaign management
  • Funding

Your entire marketing process from inception to a successful campaign is managed by professionals who have an unprecedented history of successful promotions. From product formulation to creative and production - to market testing and full rollout campaigns, NTD delivers optimal integrated solutions.

But NTD is much more than just marketing. NTD follows up with co-ordination of fulfillment and customer service to make certain that your creative ideas are managed for optimal ROI.This includes shipping, list management, statistical analysis, maximizing conversion ratios and average orders through the telemarketing program, co-ordination of web marketing, premiums and merchant account management.

Nature Trade Direct prides itself as being a leader in campaign analysis so you maximize revenue and profitability. Campaign analysis includes, but is not limited to data management, list profitability, plus an overall statistical analysis of each facet of the marketing program.

Shown here is Dr. Earl Mindell famous pharmacist and author of the vitamin bible plus 57 other health books and Dr. Derrick Desilva a practicing internist in New Jersey and an author, radio and television talk show host.


Knowing how to get the phone to ring is key to getting the first initial contact with customers or clients and is infinitely more important than the product or service you are offering.

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Television Advertising
Direct Mail Advertising
Internet Advertising
Campaign Management

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